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I was recently (January 2018) appointed stand-in programme leader (working less than half-time, and just for 12 months) of the fulltime circus high school of St.Botvid's / Cirkus Cirkör Gymnasiet in Stockholm.

I'm extremely pleased and excited about what this brings for me in experience and knowledge.  I have been teaching courses for Cirkus Cirkör since September 2014,  the ethos and  pedagogy of the Cirkör approach to Circus has been refreshing and a support to my previous pedagogy as a teacher.   Pictured in the background I am teaching in South Sudan (November 2015) with Clowner Utan Gränser, I hope to work for them much more in the future


This Autumn 2015, sees me begin teaching creative workshops to the fulltime Gymnasium students at Cirkör.  I also taught for the third consecutive year at Edinburgh Aerial Acrobatics Convention in early September.


I have been teaching and working with children, teenagers, and adults on a regular basis through workshops and festivals for over 10 years, using skills not only as a motivational teacher, but as an entertainer and make-up artist.

I am equally happy teaching beginners of all ages, as well as advanced professional performers.  

At professional level I like to bring in my thoughts on Circus Graffiti (my own term) through creative workshop-ing and a refreshed approach to equipment/props; this is an idea which i am currently developing about how to change the world through Circus (no big task..)... 

From beginner to advanced level, through English, French, German and now Swedish, workshops may be booked in;

Creative development (All levels and suitable particularly for physical performers)

Physical Theatre/Dance (all levels)

Floor acrobatics (for beginners-intermediate)

Aerial Acrobatics (all levels) 

Yoga (all levels drawing on different styles to suit the participants).


For full experience details please ask for my CV.

For a quote and booking please contact me via my contact page.

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