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'Liquid Sky' Premiere May 2018 !

'Liquid Sky' is a hugely exciting collaboration I'm involved in. Bex Anson is the director and scenographer, Jack Wrigley is the laser artist, and Sue Zuki is the music producer and performer. Our producers in Scotland, Feral, have helped us secure a place at the 'Take me Somewhere' international festival at the Tramway in Glasgow Scotland, prior to that we'll be on residency at Cirkus Cirkör to create, experiment, play, and basically make dreams real! Ah, it's so exciting... One source of great inspiration has been a book called 'The Marriages Between Zones Three, Four, and Five' by Dorris Lessing...

"How should we reach where the light is, Come where delight is? High on the peaks light changes, Hope ranges. How may we go there Climb in the air there Up, up, up from this flat land, Into the high land That is our way... "

These days we are caught up with virtual brainstorming between Scotland and Sweden... Over New Years we had a great session together in person, connecting with each other and the future possibilities 'Liquid Sky' has...

Also now is that very special time of year, as all artists know in Sweden, the time where it seems all possible applications for funding are due. So we're hard at work on that...

Watch this Space! Until then enjoy the music of SUE ZUKI ... have a wee google after all these amazing artists, Bex, Jack, and Sue... AND have a look at some images from our work-in-progress presentations and research.


PREMIERING 26th & 27th May 2018 Take Me Somewhere Festival, Tramway Glasgow

In Association with Bassline Circus, FERAL and NTS radio Supported by Tramway, Cirkus Cirkör and Take Me Somewhere festival.

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