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Spoken Word in Stockholm

On Sunday I premiered a piece of Spoken Word poetry, at a demonstration here in Stockholm, organised by Skiftet and Make Equal .. The demonstration was against racist and nazi organisations. The text I wrote and performed is as follows;

(photo by Micke Seid)

photo by Micke Seid,

Night falls

Sun rises and repeat

Did You see the full moon earlier this week?

So low huge and fat couldn’t help but stare back

We have





even in this world of dubious democracies..

Where a minority march proud

Bearing arms of swas_tikas

Show their fear through.. Wait


No ignorance here

Just a well-played moment in the

business of politics

Because it’s always well-meant (no matter how bent)

From one or one’s subjective stance

It’s a misguided attempt

In achieving Utopia’s (non)existence

How did we get here (again)

we ask

Lets take a step back

From the hate-mongering didact of Trump,,,

Lets re-cap

Take a step back and look

At the business of politics since the 2nd world war

They sell us and buy us

The politicians, us the voters, but it’s business..

An attempt to divide us

Re-cap to war torn Europe, starving post Hitler

To American food aid and May ‘47 through 1948

To Marshall US

Secretary of State

Who among others in public made clear

That to receive US aid Europe must

bend the knee,

Must prevent open competition in any election

Where Labour or Left had any chance of coalition

What the US called communism…

The AFL (American Federation of Labour)

Installing itself an interesting chapter in Europe’s elections

They Squashed and they split every Labour movement

With fear and with violence

Post Hitler we stood no chance in face of this tactic

Even a baby CIA had it’s pride,

In Reconstituting the Mafia and why?

To reopen the trade route of heroin through Europe,

ah but that’s another discussion, another rhyme,

another time..

Lets get back to now

The situation is this

It’s not about me

Or you

Or them or us

Because the business of politics is here to divide us

They buy us and sell us

It’s the same select few

And really, nothing new

They sit and they squat on their bidets of old

Arching and squeezing constipated with gold

They covet their wealth this 1% of us

To remain rich remain rich

All they wish us is dust

We are pitted like cockerels

Tempers rising and flaring

Just look at the news,

How they feed every predjuidice

We are not unaware that this matching is orchestrated

Although we worry some are... and that keeps us distracted

While the business of politics fiddle us dry

From our food and our time,

our hospitals, our resources,

the oil and the diamonds

the coffee, the flesh-trade and and and…


Who owns the newspapers that feed us with hate

That support this nonsense of difference of race?

the tv the media …

Who owns them

Who buys and sells arms

who pushes wars of nuclear size


(and who dies)


It’s the old colonial rule

Divide them and conquer

It’s not a question of race

so pass the word on

That the reason we face a rising of racists

Is not a question of fear or anything else

but of buying and selling

From a newspaper it’s with ease we’d read

That even the trees pose a threat to democracy

Thats of course Nonsense we know

But at times alone there is fear

So lets have a chat about the history of fear

and the business of politics lets do it right here

Because as David Hume wrote

200 years ago now

"power is in the hands of the governed,"

Thats us my friends lets stand together and bring racism to an end.

Because humanity is not for sale.

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