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Belonging(s)- Tillberörighet

I worked with the artists and with the muscial collaborator; Vahakn on this project for nine weeks in 2016, and on October 8, we presented a performance of the work at Punks Hangar, in Stockholm.

Avital Hannah - Photo by Evy Wurm

Belonging(s) © is a project that uses ‘Skin’, the circus equipment created and built by Aedin as part of her MA studies at DOCH.

Slovakian circus artist Tomas Václavek who has been with the project from the beginning, is now living in Sweden to study for his Masters in Circus at DOCH.

Avital Hannah is an aerialist who I met and worked with in 2011, I took her to Stockholm to be one of the artists on stage in this project.

On the stage are also two Swedish circus performers; Sara Runsten and Axel Ahl.

Vahakn, who I have known for over ten years, is an artist and performer who invents and creates his own musical instruments. He is of Armenian origin

but grew up in London.

Vahakn is an inspiration and a driving force in terms of changing the world through art, which in turn is something all members of the group want to focus on. He has also worked a lot physically and with the exploration of the subject, which is a particularly inspired addition to

our own ideas.

The experimental collaboration with Vahakn seeks to answer the question: "Can we create visual illusions through auditory means?"

We want to tour in late 2017, but no ordinary tour. We want to work on location, as a short residency at each location before performing just as we have worked at Punks Hangar (where we sourced much of the scenography from their waste material in their workshop).

It is important for the project idea to have waste on stage as tools (see pictures). I believe

that this should be the material that we find on every single place, rather than something that

we take with us.

The project is also to some extent to take back the concept of illusion, something that not

only has the magic to do, but is also a tool for comedy and circus with it we can create

fantastic worlds for all the senses, both the audience and ourselves ...

This project has benefited, from the Outside Eye skills of Nalle Laanela, and Alexander Weibel Weibel. Special thanks to Mette Klouman, Evy Wurm for the Photography, and Isak Stockås for the film and edit.

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