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'Belonging(s)' and 'A quintet for one human'

Foto © Laurence Guillot

still image from 'Belonging(s)' creation

February was completely spent in France, working on two new projects, at Chateau de Monthelon, the first two weeks was on 'Belonging(s)', which I am directing/creating for two performers; this piece incorporates Skin (the structure), I'm working with Liv Karlsson (circus Artist) and Tomas Vaclavek(Circus Artist), also collaborating with Vahakn Matossian (musician/inventor); this work dives deep into the type of trust and love between two people, of our urban society, which goes further than the objects they possess and use to build the fragile world around them, when everything else falls apart, they have each other... If they can find each other.

This residency in France was supported by Konstnärsnamnden.

The second two weeks I spent alone on a new solo work 'A Quintet for one human' (working title) for myself, this returned me to a place of reflection on consiousness, the human condition and Monthelon.. the nature, the space, I felt like i was drawing water from a well, a creative source that I remember from the last visit to Monthelon (2013).. It was a beautiful start to the new solo, and recognition of the happiness I have as an artist working in Monthelon.

#Circus #ChateaudeMonthelon #Dance #Theatre #Conciousness

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